Putting A Cat To Sleep

Saying goodbye to a family member is always hard, but remember that it may be the only humane option in cases of serious illness.

Saying goodbye

It’s a heartbreaking thought but euthanising your pet is something you may have to consider when faced with a deterioration of quality of life, or severe or dangerous behaviour.

Putting your cat to sleep is always difficult and intensely personal. Unless there is a serious urgency such as an untreatable injury or illness, you will probably have time to examine your options and talk to family and friends. Ultimately the decision is yours but remember do what’s right for your pet’s comfort.

The procedure is quick and, more importantly, absolutely painless. Your vet will administer a measured overdose of anaesthetic, and your cat will quickly slip into a deep and permanent sleep with no discomfort or distress. Some owners choose to have their pets cremated and keep the ashes in a special container.

Grieving is a normal, healthy reaction and if necessary, you may need to take off a few days from work. Don't forget that putting your cat to sleep is the final kindness you can offer. It allows your pet to pass away gently and with dignity.

Time, of course, is the great healer. Creating a memorial can help, like holding a small remembrance service in your garden or planting a tree or plant.

It might also help to talk to, or read books written by, those who have experienced a loss or who have professional training in this area.



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