Litter-Scratching Behaviour Explained

As puzzling as it may be, some cats simply enjoy digging and playing in their litter boxes. Most of the time, this is normal.

But sometimes scratching in the litter box becomes excessive.

Before you pop in the earplugs, consider that something might be frustrating them. Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself:

Is there enough litter in the box?
Is the litter box big enough? 
Is the litter box kept clean
Is the litter box in a calm and private location? 

Yes, to all of the above?

Then maybe your cat doesn’t like her litter. Cats react differently to different products, so try another type of litter or Purina’s new TIDY CATS litter, and see what they think. If nothing seems to ease your cat’s urge to scratch, talk to your vet just in case.



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