Kitten Separation Anxiety

Identifying separation anxiety in kittens can be harder than in dogs. Teaching your kitten to be comfortable alone will make both of you happy.

Leaving kittens home alone:

Separation anxiety in any animal implies a lack of self-confidence and over-dependence on others.

Kittens with separation anxiety don't howl and bay like dogs or chew on doors and windowsills in frantic attempts to escape. Their misery is far less obvious. A good clue to tell if your kitten is suffering from separation anxiety is if she’s urinating inappropriately inside your house.

It’s best to train kittens to be alone from an early age. Find a room that you can kitten-proof, provide a litter box, food, and water, and leave them in there for short periods of time.

If they do well in there, gradually leave them for longer periods of time until you are comfortable leaving them home alone.

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