Total Care Training Pads



Total Care® training pads are ideal for puppies or elderly dogs. Featuring wee spot technology, that holds up to 500ml of liquid.


  • Directions for use

    Instructions for use

    1. Select an area for the pad away from your dog's feeding and sleeping areas.
    2. Unfold and fix to the ground with adhesive locking tabs, ensuring the Wee Spot technology faces up.
    3. Bring your dog to the pad and let them smell the pheromones on the Wee Spot.
    4. When your dog urinates on the pad, offer positive reinforcement. If they urinate elsewhere, bring them to the pad.
    5. Dispose of, and replace used pad.


    Indoor to Outdoor transitioning

    • Over time move the pads closer to the door and eventually outside.
    • Once outside, fold the pads to reduce the size over time. Eventually he won't need a pad to hit his or her spot
    • Keep pads around for overnight accidents, extended time alone, travel or general use.