Flea Control Shampoo

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Flea Control Shampoo

  • Kills fleas (Ctenocephalides spp)
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Available in 350ml

A medicated shampoo which kills fleas (Ctenocephalides spp.) and aids in the control of Paralysis Tick (Ixodes holocyclus), contains Melaleuca alternifolia, a Germicidal Oil, which penetrates the skin, soothing the distress caused by skin irritation, It assists in the control of Eczema whilst cleaning and conditioning your dog’s coat. Ixodes holocyclus ticks do not occur in Western Australia. In tick season, daily searching for, and removal of any tick found is recommended.


Aside from keeping your dog looking great, regular grooming provides health benefits for both you and your pet. Grooming helps stimulate your pet’s skin and coat promoting healthy growth and also removes excess hair and debris. This helps your pet keep a glossy coat and can also reduce shedding around your home. Regular grooming sessions also give you the chance to thoroughly check your dog's skin and coat for irritation and parasites such as fleas and ticks. 




Your pet’s skin is different to your own. The pH balance is different and is also thinner than human skin, so use of human shampoo on your dog is not recommended. You should always use a shampoo specifically formulated for your pet’s skin. The TOTAL CARE range of dog shampoo is designed for adult dogs and puppies, and includes shampoos to treat fleas or skin irritations.

You should not need to shampoo your dog more than once a fortnight. This lets the natural oils in your dog's coat and skin do their work. You should not wash your dog for at least 48 hours after a spot-on or line flea treatment. 


Active Constituents

2g/L Permethrin 25/75
10g/L Piperonyl
Butoxide, 8g/L
Meleleuca Oil

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