Dreamtime Dog Bed

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Dreamtime Dog Bed

The TOTAL CARE Dreamtime Dog Bed is perfect for use on patios and verandahs. The above ground design allows air to circulate, minimizing the retention of odour. It’s easy to clean. Simply brush off pet hair, hose down and air to dry.

  • Easy to assemble - no tools required
  • Easy to clean - hose down
  • Flea & mite resistant
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Rust resistant steel frame

Comes in 3 sizes:

  • Small L70 X W55 X H18 to fit breeds Fox Terrier, Maltese, Pekinese, Pug
  • Medium L90 x W65 X H20 to fit breeds Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Collie
  • Large L110 x W80 X H20 to fit breeds Boxer, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Cattle Dog and Labrador.

Colour; Black cover with grey metal frame
Cover; Double sticked from heavy duty laminate. Replacement cover available.
Frame; Strong steel frame with rust resistant coating.
Cleaning; Simple wet or hose with warm water

Contents of bed includes:

  • 1 x fabric cover
  • 2 x end bars (straight)
  • 2 x end bars (with bends)
  • 4 x countersunk bolts
  • 4 x spacers
  • 1 x allen key

Assembly Instructions

  • Ensure the top of the cover is facing up.
  • Slot the 2 x curved side bars through the longer side pockets with countersunk holes facing up.
  • Slot the 2 x straiht end bars through the shorter pockets.
  • Insert countersunk bolt through the side bar positioning the spacer as pictured and finger tighten.
  • Repeat on remaining 3 corners and tighten all 4 bolts with Allen Key provided.
  • Do not overtighten. Check and retention the bolts occasionally to maintain bed stability.


Please Note; This cover has been made for minimal sag and has a snug fit. You may require assistance to align and engage the final bolt when assembling the bed.

Dreamtime Dog Beds have been designed and manufactured for the comfort of your pet while resting and is not suitable for any other purpose.

Available now at Big W.

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