Total Care Slicker and Massager



Purina® Total Care® Slicker & Massager loosens tangles and matted fur while stimulating the natural oils in your cats coat. The slicker side has uniquely shaped pins that enhances your grooming technique and reduces any excessive brushing force. On the rubber side of the brush it gently massages while removing dead hair.

The pressure relieving flex head design loosen tangles, mats & removes dead hair from the undercoat, leaving the top coat healthy & shiny.


  • Directions for use
    1. Always start with the back legs and the bottom of your pet's back and systematically work forwards in the direction of the coat.
    2. Repeat the process until the brush glides easily through the coat. 
    3. Use the slicker side to loosens mats and remove tanles and the massager side to remove the loose, dead hair. 


    Regular grooming helps prevent matting and minimises moulting.