Flea Control Comb

Cat Grooming

De-shed, removing the loose undercoat. Style as desired.

All cats shed loose hair, even short-coat breeds. Once your pet’s coat is completely dry, de-shed to remove any remaining loose undercoat or dead hair. Trim your pet’s coat for a healthy, tidy look.

  • Fine set teeth to removes fleas & their eggs
  • Suitable for cats & dogs

Grooming for Cats

Aside from keeping your dog or cat looking great, regular grooming provides health benefits for both you and your pet. Grooming stimulates your pet’s skin and coat promoting healthy growth and also removes excess hair and debris. This helps your pet keep a glossy coat and can also reduce shedding around your home. Regular grooming sessions also give you the chance to thoroughly check your dog or cat’s skin and coat for irritation and parasites such as fleas and ticks.

Purina PetCare Advice

We bring together a team with in-depth knowledge, experience and special interests with the skills to advise about health and nutrition, behaviour, training, socialisation, as well as basic first aid for your cat or dog.


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