Heartwormer, Allwormer & Flea Treatment and Control for Large Dogs

PURINA TOTAL CARE Heartwormer, Allwormer & Flea Control is the most comprehensive flea and worm treatment for dogs in our range. It is a monthly treatment that ensures broad spectrum protection against the most common parasites likely to affect your pet. This formulation has been specially designed for large dogs 22-45kg in body weight, but you can find other products in this range suitable for medium dogs, or small dogs and puppies.

By combining a dog wormer and flea treatment in one, PURINA TOTAL CARE Heartwormer, Allwormer & Flea Control makes it easy to administer a regular preventative treatment to your dog. This product helps prevent heartworm infection, as well as treating roundworm, whipworm, hookworm and tapeworm. It also prevents and controls flea infestations and helps manage flea allergy dermatitis. The active ingredients in the formulation paralyses and kills internal parasites and prevents flea eggs from hatching, preventing further infestation.

Our all-in-one dog flea and worm treatment, combined with regular cleaning of pet bedding, waste, and vacuuming of the home, will keep your dog happy, healthy and parasite-free. Treat your dog every month, ideally on the same date each time and alongside a full meal to maximise efficacy.

For fussy dogs, flavoured chews like this one can be easier to administer than flea and worm tablets for dogs, as your pet may well consider this chew as a treat. You can also mix it into their regular meal, to make it even easier for your pet. Before giving a chew to your dog, it’s important that you read the administration directions and product label carefully and follow the printed instructions.

While PURINA TOTAL CARE Heartwormer, Allwormer & Flea Control is an effective combined worm treatment for dogs, it’s also important to consult a qualified veterinarian on the health needs of your pet, especially if you spot anything out of the ordinary.

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