Purina ProCare Training Lead



Available in Small and Large.


The Purina ProCare™ training lead has multiple connection rings for lead length adjustment and a waste bag attachment. The lead can be used for obedience training, general walking, or walking multiple dogs. It has a soft neoprene handle for comfort, which can be tailored to the users unique grip positioning and is best used in conjunction with the ProCare Head Collar or ProCare Harness.


Adjustable Lead Length: 165cm - 189cm

Width: Small 2cm and Large 2.5cm






Getting started

The Purina ProCare™ Training Lead is versatile and comfortable to use. With three different lead length options, it can be used for general walking or obedience training.


The Purina ProCare™ Training Lead is a multifunctional lead designed to provide optimal steering control when used with the Purina ProCare™ Head Collar or Harness.




Hands free option for dog training or jogging


Short length for heel training or normal walking


Medium length for obedience training


Long length for recall or distance work