ProCare Deshedder for short hair



Ideal for fine, short or wiry coats. 



For all Size Cats & Dogs


The Purina ProCare™ Deshedding tool is the must have tool for dogs and cats that shed. It has been carefully designed to easily remove your pets loose undercoat without damaging the topcoat. The ejector button will release excess hair as you go and with a simple adjustment to the comb, the deshedding tool is suitable for use on both fine and coarse hair. Reduces shedding by up to 90% with ongoing use.





Getting started



Take your deshedding tool and select the fine or coarse blade by unscrewing the blade lock and rotating the blade. Once blade is selected twist the blade lock back until it’s firm.


Start at the head of your pet and work down their body in the direction of the coat. Take extra care around sensitive areas. Let the tool do the work as deep brushing can cause irritation


Push the ejector button to remove excess hair from your deshedding tool.