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It’s not just your cat’s appetite that can provide clues as to its health. Activities such as sleep, rest, and play can give you valuable insight into how your cat is feeling. Cats behave and interact differently depending on their mood, just like you and I! It’s important to take stock of your cat’s daily sleep and play routines as another way to monitor their health.


When your cat is cheerful and playful, they’re probably feeling good. Playful behaviour is a great indicator that your cat is healthy, and is getting the nutrition she needs. Every cat has a different way of telling you that it’s time to play. Some cats exhibit dog-like behaviour, and will run around the house, roll belly up, or “act silly” to get your attention. Others prefer a more refined approach, and indicate willingness to play by flicking their tail side-to-side, blinking slowly, or purring.

Purina ONE Cat Playing 

Signs Of Healthy Play

When your cat is feeling good, it is likely to:

  1. Let you know it’s time to play
  2. Respond well when you initiate play
  3. Play in a variety of different ways, both by itself and with others
  4. Play at different times throughout the day

Signs Of A Potential Problem

There may be a problem with your cat’s health if it:

  1. Rejects attempts to play that it would usually accept
  2. Dramatically varies its play patterns, including physical intensity and length of play
  3. Loses interest in its favourite toy
  4. Hisses and meows excessively
  5. Seems continuously disinterested and lacking in energy


Cats enjoy resting after eating. Many like to take time after meals to find a bit of peace and quiet by themselves. They may retreat to their favourite spot under a table, on top of a shelf, or even inside a box. This is normal behaviour, and helps your cat feel safe and protected while they take a much needed nap.

Purina ONE Ragdoll Cat Resting 

Signs Of HealthyRest

Healthy cats have a unique daily routine which combines play, food, and sleep. A cat that’s feeling their best will typically play, eat, and nap for short lengths of time many times during the day. 

Signs Of A Potential Problem

There are two main signs of a potential problem when it comes to rest, and they are polar opposites! If your cat is not feeling good, it may either be:

  1. Restless, overly active and unable to sleep; or
  2. Immobile, low in energy, and unable to stay awake

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