The Purina ONE® 3 Week Challenge

When you feed your cat Purina ONE® you could see a visibly healthy cat in 3 weeks. From higher energy levels, healthy digestion to a shiny coat. Join the Challenge today and you could see a visible difference in your cat.

How to switch your cat’s food to Purina ONE


It’s always best to transition your cat’s diet slowly to avoid potential stomach upset and allow their digestive system to adjust to any new ingredients. Once you’ve completed the switch, you’re ready to start the 3-Week Challenge.


DAYS 1-2
Add Purina ONE in small amounts, still primarily feeding the old food.

DAYS 3-4
Feed a little bit more Purina ONE to your pet each day.

DAYS 5-7
Gradually increase the amount of Purina ONE.

DAYS 7-10
By now you should be exclusively feeding your pet Purina ONE.