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Regardless of your dog’s size or breed, PETLIFE has a product to keep them safe, help you with training and obedience, and keep them looking good! Grooming essentials, apparel, safety harnesses and obedience tools are only part of the vast collection of PETLIFE essentials. All of our products are made to the highest standards, to keep your pup as safe and stylish as we can!

Browse through our collection of collars, leads, and safety harnesses, or choose from a variety of clippers, scissors, combs and brushes in the PETLIFE grooming range. Let your dog dine out of the PETLIFE Non-Skid Vogue or Non-Skid Ant-Free Bowls, and treat them to their best night’s sleep by selecting one of the many PETLIFE Bedding solutions. We’ve got a vast selection – from Odour Resistant Bedding to Ultra Tough, Flea Resistant Bedding or Outdoor Bedding, and our revolutionary AIRTECH mattress. There is a PETLIFE Bedding option to suit every dog on every occasion!

Go ahead, treat your best friend to the quality of life they deserve.

Here are the Top 10 PETLIFE essentials for your dog:

  1. PETLIFE COLLARS Give your dog the premium PETLIFE collar that suits their lifestyle – and their style. PETLIFE collars are durable and come in a range of premium nylon or elastic for everyday use, and to keep them safe. Every collar is designed with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind.

  2. PETLIFE LEADS Taking your dog for a walk is not only great for their health, but it’s great for yours too! Browse PETLIFE’s collection of premium crafted leads for a safe, comfortable walk for both you, and your pup. Pick and choose from various materials, from the PETLIFE Padded Lead in Neoprene, to the PETLIFE Nylon Lead, and more. There is always an option for you to improve your walking experience.

  3. PETLIFE CLIX CAR & WALKING HARNESS CLIX is an in-car safety harness to ensure the whole family is buckled in safe and sound for car rides of any journey. It plugs directly into a normal seat belt, keeping your pet restrained and comfortable whilst travelling. It even doubles as a walking harness for an easy walk-to-ride transition.

  4. PETLIFE APPAREL Keep your dog warm and stylish this winter, with a selection of dog coats from the PURINA PETLIFE Apparel range. Choose a PETLIFE Odour-Resistant Coat, made from a rip-resistant nylon, and silver ion technology that resists odours. For a lighter option try the PETLIFE Ultralight Odour-Resistant Coat – perfect for days at the park with a smelly pup!

  5. PETLIFE BOWLS Keeping your dog fed and watered is easy with a PETLIFE bowl. Dehydration can be a serious problem for Australian pets, especially during hot weather if there’s an insufficient supply of water for your pet! Avoid all this by ensuring your PETLIFE Non-Skid Vogue Bowl or Non-Skid Ant-Free Bowl is filled to the brim – and refilled after pleasantly enjoyed by your pet.

  6. PETLIFE BEDS Care for your dog as much during the night as you do during the day by giving them the best bed to sleep on. With PETLIFE, there’s a whole array of top quality products to choose from, and fit best to the needs of your dog. The AIRTECH Hybrid Mattress is the latest in bedding technology, provides your pet with the best sleep, and leaves them happier and healthier each day. If your pet’s bed tends to give off nasty odours, try our PETLIFE Odour-Resistant range. It uses silver ion technology to kill bad bacteria that causes the smell! Or if your pet is generally rough with their bed, why not try out the PETLIFE Ultra Tough Corner Sofa. With each bed ensuring maximum comfort, PETLIFE has a bed for every occasion.

  7. PETLIFE SHAMPOO Keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy with a PETLIFE shampoo that best suits their needs. Choose from 8 different, professional and specialised PETLIFE shampoos, and keep your pet happy, healthy, and looking fresh. If your pet is prone to tangles, try out the PETLIFE Detangling & Deodorising Spray and comb with ease.

  8. PETLIFE BRUSHES Brushing your pet can be a great opportunity for bonding. Remove knots and tangles, and keep up your dog’s hygiene using a PETLIFE brush. Choose from a wide selection of specialised tools for every length and area of fur. Keep fleas out and smooth your pet’s coat with PETLIFE’s Undercoat & Flea Comb Duo, or Detangling & Flea Comb Duo. All brushes are engineered to have the best effect on your pet’s coat, with the most comfort for you while you brush them.

  9. PETLIFE GROOMING SCISSORS Keep your dog’s coat looking neat and tidy with PETLIFE scissors. Part of the PETLIFE Grooming range, these quality scissors will help you trim your pet’s coat for a healthy, tidy look. The PETLIFE Thinning Scissors are perfect for use on thick-coated breeds, and great for blending layered hair, and the PETLIFE Styling Scissors is ideal for all over cutting and trimming. The ball-tip design means it is ideal for sensitive areas, and the soft-grip finger handles provide maximum comfort for you.

  10. PETLIFE NAIL CLIPPERS Excessive long nails may lead to injury and pain when walking, for your pet. Keep your pup’s nails trim and healthy with PETLIFE nail clippers. Simple and safe to operate, the PETLIFE Professional Nail Clippers are perfect for use on all cats and dogs. The product contains a cutting safety clip that allows for controlled cutting, avoiding over-cutting.

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