Puppy Pointers

Owning a puppy is a big responsibility, and although puppies can be a lot of fun they require a lot of attention, love and dedication. Keeping your puppy happy and healthy throughout their life can be rewarding for the whole family and will include things such as training, exercising and grooming. The PETLIFE range of collars, leads and grooming products aids to make life easier.

Puppies need exercise every day to stay fit and healthy. This can take the form of walks, play dates at the park (after they have had their vaccinations) or with friends or some training. Regular exercise is the key to a healthy and happy puppy. But making it part of their routine doesn’t have to be dull – mix it up a little with a brisk walk or some games.

Puppy playtime and exercise is more than just a fun time for your puppy, it’s vital for their physical and mental health. However, you should not run a dog until its growth plates have closed, or at least nearly closed, to prevent damaging them.

It’s also important to give your puppy social interaction with other dogs and people. Dogs are social animals, and thrive on social interaction not only with humans, but also dogs and other animals. This can help their confidence and social skills. Temperament, however, is nature AND nurture. A dodgy temperament through bad breeding will not get fixed with socialisation.

Scientific research suggests that grooming a dog is a great way of reducing stress for the owner. And your puppy will benefit from it, too! Grooming isn’t just about making your puppy look good. Regular care removes dead hair, keeps the coat and skin healthy, and gives you the opportunity to check your pup’s general health. Once your puppy is settled, your grooming routine will depend on your puppy’s coat type and what they get up to.

Worried or unsure about what to get for your new puppy? Have a look at our Top 10 Essentials Checklist Guide, for the top 10 things we recommend your new pup should have to settle in.

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