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CLIX! This sturdy, easy-to-use harness was designed and developed to provide maximum safety, comfort and protection for your dog in the car, and whilst walking. Its soft neoprene padding covers all points of contact, with particular focus on the central chest protector for better, stronger protection. Please keep in mind that at the moment, CLIX is not suitable for Volvo or Saab cars.

To keep things easy, CLIX uses two buckle clips and a unique ‘X-Cross’ design to keep your pet strapped in to the harness. Place your dog in the car, and use the safety-standard seat-belt attachment at the top to click directly into the seat-belt socket of the backseat of your car, or slide the seat-belt through the extended handle, and you’re off! Time to enjoy a safe, smooth ride.

CLIX ranges from size XS to Large, in order to keep dogs of all shapes and sizes equally protected. See the size guide below to find your pet’s perfect fit.

Petlife CLIX Size Guide


The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) allows the police the ability to issue a fine to drivers, as well as demerit points if they find that an animal is causing the driver to be not in full control of the vehicle. This includes;

  • A driver must not drive with an animal in the driver’s lap.
  • A motor cycle rider must not ride with an animal between the handlebars and the rider.
  • Animals should be seated or housed in an appropriate area of the vehicle.
  • Dogs on utes should be restrained either via a tether or cage, so that the dog cannot fall off or be injured when the vehicle moves.
  • A driver, motorcycle rider, bicycle rider or passenger must not lead an animal, while the vehicle is moving. 

The RSPCA also holds the ability to issue fines under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. If it is found that an animal is injured due to the fact it was unrestrained, owners may face up to six months in jail as well as fines of up to $5,500. Carrying dogs untethered on the backs of utes may also land drivers with fines of $500.

As rules, regulations, demerit points and fines may differ slightly between states, click the link below to find out what applies in your state or territory, and feel free to contact your transport department:

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