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Some dogs are difficult to control, particularly when taking them for a walk on a lead, with three out of four owners have a problem with a pulling dog. A tool like a HALTI will help manage a problem but does not address any underlying behavioural issues.

Headcollars like the PURINA PETLIFE HALTI help stop dogs from pulling by steering the lead so the body has to follow. It was originally invented in 1979 by Dr Roger Mugford and has been approved by vet and canine experts worldwide.

The PURINA PETLIFE HALTI has a design that works by gently directing the dog’s head, steering him into the position you want him to be in. The PURINA PETLIFE HALTI can be used to simply stop dogs pulling or as an active training aid.

The PURINA PETLIFE HALTI works in two ways, firstly when your dog attempts to lunge forward the mouth is closed by the slip ring under the chin (not too comfortable for a dog out on a walk) however when the dog is relaxed and walking loosely on the lead the mouth is allowed to be open allowing the dog to easily pant, hang his tongue out and display normal doggy behaviour which is much more comfortable and enjoyable for him.

The PETLIFE HALTI Head Collar is the perfect training tool to stop your dog from pulling whilst being walked. The way the PETLIFE HALTI works is simple. As your dog pulls, the HALTI closes your dog’s mouth, therefore teaching them to no longer pull. By wearing a PURINA PETLIFE HALTI pulling will no longer result in forward motion but will take your dog in the direction you want him to go.

All PURINA PETLIFE HALTI Headcollars comes with a free comprehensive training and fitting guide. When taking your dog for a walk, you should guide him and not let him take control. A dog that keeps pulling at his lead is a safety risk. Learning how to keep your dog under control will keep both you and him safe and is important for the safety of those around you.

The PETLIFE HALTI Lead is soft and comfortable to hold, and can be used as an everyday lead or as a specialist training tool. The lead is double-ended, and is ideal to use in conjunction with the HALTI Head Collar or HALTI Harness and is particularly useful for managing boisterous dogs. No matter how hard your dog pulls, don’t let him go in the direction he wants to go. You should keep control so he learns that pulling will not get him to where he wants to go. It may also help to play with your dog before going for a walk; that way he will have used up any excess energy and will not be overly boisterous during the walk.

You can walk your dog around at home or play a game of ‘fetch’ before venturing out into public spaces. And remember, praise is always helpful when training. Consult a trainer for assistance with training if you have a pulling dog.

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