Choosing the right bed for your dog


It’s not surprising choosing a bed for your dog is difficult when considering they sleep for up to 12 hours a day. There are also many dog beds available on the market with beds in every size, shape and colour. So how does one go about selecting the perfect dog bed? Here are some useful tips to consider when choosing:

SENIOR DOGS Not all dog beds are the same, especially where senior dogs are concerned… this is just as well because every senior dog is unique too. Older dogs might have arthritis or joint pain, or might feel the cold a little more than others. On the flipside they may overheat too easily and there is always the unfortunate possibility they might wee whilst sleeping. Fortunately, whatever difficulties old age has brought with it, there are dog beds that can help them sleep easier and feel more comfortable.

PUPPIES Choosing your puppy’s first bed is extremely important. Not only do they give them somewhere comfortable to rest after a day of play and exerting energy, but also a place to feel safe and secure in their new environment. What is also important is ensuring their delicate bodies are getting the ultimate support to provide them with the best start in life. Also be mindful that puppies are prone to have the occasional accidents, so make sure the cover can be removed and washed.

SELF WARMING BEDS The PetLife Self-Warming Throw Pad and Cuddle beds feature a thermo reflective fibre warming core to radiate warmth generated from your pet’s own body heat. They are extremely beneficial for older dogs with painful joints as the gentle heat soothes and reduces stiffness. Smaller dogs can also benefit from Self-Warming beds.

ORTHOPAEDIC (ORTHO) BEDS The PetLife Orthopaedic, Quilted Beds are perfect for older pets or those with hip ailments. They can assist in the rehabilitation of dogs who have undergone surgery and provide ultimate comfort. The covers are quilted for that provides extra comfort and are treated with silver-ion technology which kills odour-causing bacteria. These orthopaedic beds are low profile and a fantastic option for older pets who have trouble getting in & out of kennels or crates.

AIRTECH HYBRID MATTRESS With unprecedented body weight support the Purina PetLife Airtech Hybrid Mattresses results in greater body pressure distribution which minimises intensive pressure on your pet’s body. Providing a supportive, yet soft, pressure relieving sleep surface. The Airtech technology directs moisture and heat away from your pet’s body. The Odour resistant outer cover with Silver Ion Technology, gives your loved one 24/7 Protection against odour causing bacteria. Provides protection for up to 50 washes. Finally the Airfiber inner core and eye-mesh inner cover gives Airtech amazing breathability, keeping your loved ones cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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