3 Step Grooming Guide


There is nothing nicer and more relaxing than to spend good quality time with our pets.

Whether walking or playing with them in the park or at the beach after a working day, it is fulfilling to come home and relax and spend some down time with our favourite pets. Simple tasks such as patting them at home or bathing and grooming are important aspects to bonding with our pets and helps cement the relationship we enjoy with them.

Because these days we are more time poor than ever, it is important to understand that maintaining our pet’s coat, and overall grooming appearance does not have to be that time consuming job we sometimes think it is. By learning some basic techniques and using correct products, this does not need to be a cumbersome chore but rather, a relaxing way to spend time with your four legged family member.

For many of us, our pets are part of our family but they must also be clean enough to fit into the cleanliness of our home so it is important to keep ahead of this process to minimise the unwanted hair that can appear in your home.

PETLIFE Professional products have developed a simple 3 step process which is easy and effective to follow and takes all the guess work out of grooming and maintaining your pet’s coat.

Preparation & Bathing


Removes knots & tangles

All knots and tangles must be removed prior to bathing to avoid skin irritations. This also helps create a healthy skin and coat for your pet.

Shampoo and Lather
Shampooing opens the hair follicles and allows your pet’s hair to be cleaned.

Massage and clean
A clean coat forms the foundation for creating the best overall neat and tidy appearance.

Brush & Style


Deshed removing loose undercoat

After bathing, deshed your pet to remove loose undercoat and dead hair.

Full Body Clip and Trim
Clipping and trimming on a regular basis will ensure your pet’s coat looks great.

Brush and Shine
After deshedding, brush your pet’s coat to remove any additional debris or loose hair.

Finishing Touches



Use a finishing spray to add gloss and provide lustre and sheen to your pet’s coat.

Nail Clipping
Regular nail clipping prevents discomfort or pain for yourself and your pet. 

Ever wondered how to clip your dog’s nails. Follow our easy 3 step guide: 
1. Handle your dog’s paws often, so they get use to you touching their pads and nails 
2. In a well lit room, hold the paw firmly but gently and cut the nail at a 45 degree angle, taking off only a small amount at a time. 
3. Trim only until you see the white inside the nail with a small dot of black in the centre. Remember not to squeeze their toes – that hurts! 

Note: If your pet has excessive toe hair, before you start it will be easier to cut this shorter with small scissors. Remember to keep your clippers sharp or replace every year.

Additional Grooming Products


Deshedding Tools

Design to help maintain your dog’s coat, its best to deshed your pet regularly to remove loose undercoat and dead hair. By reaching deep beneath your dog’s topcoat, this tool can easily and gently remove the undercoat and loose hair, without cutting or damaging your dog’s skin. 
Not only does this tool have an ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use but can help reduce the amount of loose dog hair around the home and on furniture.

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