Friskies Indoor Delights

A complete and balanced meal for Cats.

Flavour Chicken, Beef, Salmon, Cheese and Garden Greens.
Pack Size 1kg
Made In Australia

After Exploring & Playing, it's Time to Refuel

Explore the great indoors. Specially formulated for indoor cats to help control hairballs and reduce litter box odour. With a touch of garden greens to give your indoor cat a taste of the outdoors… minus the muddy paws.



  • Protein rich to help maintain strong lean muscles
  • Antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system
  • Natural fibre to aid digestion and help reduce litter box odour
  • Specifically formulated to help control hairball formation
  • Essential Fatty Acids with Omega 3 & 6 for a healthy skin and coat
  • Vitamin A & Taurine to help support clear, healthy vision


Wholegrain cereals and/or cereal by-products and/or vegetable by-products; Meat and meat by-products (poultry and/or beef and/or fish and/or lamb and/or pork) and/or poultry by-products; Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids; Natural Fibre, Food colours; Antioxidants; Natural Flavours. 


Nutritional Analysis

Crude Protein 30%
Crude Fat 10%
Crude Fibre (max) 3%
Salt, NaCI (max) 1.8%

Purina PetCare Advice

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