About Friskies

About Friskies

With a wide variety of yummy dry cat foods, Friskies provides a world of taste adventures that feed your cat’s playfulness and curiosity.

Positive Changes to Friskies 2022 FAQs

We have listened to your feedback and made some changes. Read more about the change below:

  • Why do the kibbles look different compared to the current? 
    You might find that the  kibble colour looks different to the current pack of Friskies ® that is because we have removed the artificial colours. We know from research that people don’t want artificial colours in their food, they also tell us they don’t want them in their pet’s food either. Therefore, the new formulas use non-artificial colours and hence gives the kibble a different look, but it is still the same great Friskies Taste!
  • Does the difference in kibble colors affect the nutritional value of the product?
    The difference in kibble colours does not affect the overall nutritional composition or quality of the product – Friskies ® dry cat food remains 100% complete and balanced, with all the vitamins and nutrients your cat needs.  It is still high-quality nutrition that you know and trust from Friskies ®.
  • Why are you changing the packaging look and feel? 
    We’ve been listening to consumer feedback and have taken the opportunity to make small tweaks. For example, we have refreshed our packaging design to make our range easier for cat owners to identify and choose between the different Friskies dry cat food flavours available. We have also improved how key information is laid out on pack, including improved visibility of flavour variant and nutritional information to make it easier for consumers to find the right product for their cats’ preferences both in store and online. 
  • Are there any differences in smell and taste for new Friskies vs current Friskies?
    No, the only change is relating to colour so even though you may see a difference, the recipe is actually remaining largely the same. We taste test changes to formula and can say that our cat taste testers have given the new product a tick of approval.
  • Are there any formula or recipe changes across the fully range?

    Yes, the only formula change is to use non-artificial colours in our dry cat range. This does not affect the delicious taste that your cat loves about Friskies!

  • I have been giving my cat the old Friskies range, and I notice that the new pack has stated "no added artificial color and preservatives“. Does it mean that it's harmful for my cat which they have been consuming the previous Friskies recipe with colors and preservative?

    No, all our formulas are made using food safe ingredients. We have listened to you and as a company have made the decision to move to non-artificial sources of these ingredients which are equally safe to use in food. 

  • Will I need to transition my cat’s food from the old Friskies to the new Friskies? 
    The changes being made are small and we do not anticipate and need to transition, however We know some cats can be sensitive to even the smallest  changes.  If you are concerned for any stomach upsets, we recommend you introduce the new Friskies® dry cat food gradually over 7-10 days, mixing it with the previous food to your cat’s bowl until the transition is complete. Please refer to the feeding guide on our packaging for more information.  Find out more hints and tips here: What To Feed A Fussy Cat | Purina Australia
  • What is meant by the word ‘poultry’ in the ingredients list?
    ‘Poultry’ refers to ‘chicken’, ‘turkey’ or ‘duck’. We primarily use chicken, however traces of the other birds may also be present.
  • Where is Friskies made? 
    Friskies® dry cat food is proudly made in Australia by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company.