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Works with PURINA DENTI Clean Solution
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Unique rubber design

Combine PURINA DENTI Clean Device with PURINA DENTI Solution to give your dog endless hours of happy, healthy chewing.

The unique rubber design of the device cleans teeth and massages gums while the slow-releasing formula of the solution helps prevent tartar, plaque and gum disease.

Works with Purina Denti Clean

This innovative PURINA DENTI Clean Device when filled with PURINA DENTI Clean provides a hands and mess free teeth cleaning solution for your pet.

When used together they help aid in the prevention of tartar, plaque and periodontal disease in dogs. PURINA DENTI Clean and PURINA DENTI Clean Device can be used to help reduce gingivitis and resolve oral inflammation. They may also be used to help prevent secondary bacterial infections following oral surgery.

How it Works

Simply fill the PURINA DENTI Clean Device with PURINA DENTI Clean and give to your pet. The foaming formulation of PURINA DENTI Clean will allow a quick dispersion and complete coverage of all oral cavity, even in those areas that are difficult to reach. The PURINA DENTI Clean Device unique rubber formula and innovation design will slowly release liquid whilst also massaging and cleaning your pets teeth and gums.

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