The Bonnie Story

Feeding the working dogs of Australia

History of Purina

William H Danforth established Purina in St Louis, Missouri, USA. His aim was to build a company that would provide the best and purest nutrition for animals in convenient and easy to use foods.

The name Purina originates from the company's slogan, "where Purity is Paramount." The red and white checkerboard logo was inspired by Danforth's childhood neighbours, who dressed their children in a similar pattern.

Throughout our long history in pet care, we’ve developed many successful brands, such as LUCKY DOG, FRISKIES, FANCY FEAST and TOTAL CARE.

In 2002, we acquired RALSTON PURINA, which saw the introduction of BONNIE, PURINA ONE and PRO PLAN to our brand portfolio. Then, in March 2007, we made another significant acquisition when we took over the SUPERCOAT business. In 2010 we acquired KRAMAR and in 2011 we launched an exciting new range of brands including RUFFS, PETLIFE  and SHEDEZE. In 2014 we launch our cat food brand FELIX.

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Why feed BONNIE?

Working dogs need a high energy diet to meet their working lifestyle because:

  • They require higher levels of fat from their diet, as fat is a preferential source for endurance work/li>
  • Use carbohydrates for sprint type activities
  • Need 10% carbohydrates from diet
  • Require good quality protein for repair and recovery
  • Require more than 20% protein from their diet
  • Home prepared all-meat diets can be deficient in carbohydrates which can cause mild to chronic diarrhoea
  • All-meat diets can be deficient in calcium. Raw bones don't provide sufficient calcium
  • Bones pose a threat of choking or obstruction and can seriously damage teeth
  • Risk of infection from food-borne pathogens to both dogs and humans from raw meat and bones
  • Deficiencies of selenium in farm dogs, who are fed meat based or improperly balanced diets*