Companion Animal Network Australia

Companion Animal Network Australia is a national non-profit organisation caring for companion animals.

Our vision is a nation where the bond between people and their pets is strong, compassionate and lasting. We work to deliver high standards of care for companion animals and use our national voice to advocate for changes which will improve animal’s lives and strengthen the human-animal bond. We believe in the power of the human-animal bond to improve the quality of our lives and recognise our responsibility to positively impact on the welfare of companion animals.

We have six state organisations around Australia: the Companion Animal Networks of Queensland and South Australia, Dogs Homes of Tasmania, SAFE Inc WA .

Combined, CAN has over 300 years of experience in caring for companion animals and their owners across Australia. Each year, dedicated staff, foster carers and teams of volunteers work on site or as part of community outreach programs to provide care for over 30,000 lost, injured or unwanted pets. CAN advocates for adoption of pets from responsible shelters, rehoming centres and rescue organisations.

Nationally, CAN is working to preserve the bond between people and their pets and safeguard both from separation with projects such as Positive Ageing in the Company of Animals. We are identifying and promoting successful models which support aged care residents who have pets and developing a national ‘one-stop’ pet resource kit for aged care residents and providers. We are also providing grant funding to assist facilities and residents make suitable residential arrangements or modifications to enable residents and their pets to live-in together and maintain their existing bond.

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