PURINA TOTAL CARE Nail Clipper for Cats & Dogs

PURINA® TOTAL CARE® Nail Clipper is ideal for at home nail clipping & maintenance. Long nails may lead to injury and pain when walking.
Item No. 12435762
The cutting safety clip allows for controlled trimming of your pet's nails. If you are feeling a little nervous before cutting your pet's nails for the first time, just ask your groomer or vet to show you how. How to use: Inspect your pet's nails to locate the quick (blood vessel). For lighter coloured nails the quick is pink and easily located at the base of the nail. For darker nails only trim the tips of the nails. Hold your pet's paw firmly and cut in one smooth, precise stroke. Cutting your pet's nails will cause the quick to retreat over time, which greatly reduces the risk of accidental bleeding.

This card is recycable. Please dispose of it in your recycling bin. This strap is non-recycable. Please dispose of it in your landfill bin.