PURINA TOTAL CARE Grooming Scissors 2 in 1 for Dogs

PURINA® TOTAL CARE® 2-in-1 Scissors feature straight blade for trimming and cutting, thinning portion of blade for reducing hair thickness and volume along with blunt tips to reduce the risk of pinching your dog's skin.
Item No. 12435753
This tool is useful when thinning out mats and tangles. These scissors are an ideal size for general grooming and for thinning hard to reach areas such as around the legs and paws. In addition, these scissors have non-slip finger grips to reduce the risk of slipping. How to Use: When trimming your pet's coat be careful around delicate areas such as the eyes and ears. Insert only the top portion of your fingers into the scissor's handle. Do not extend fingers into the opening past your first knuckle. Hold hair away from skin and begin cutting in one smooth action. Be sure to cut in the direction it grows. Comb or brush your pet's coat after trimming to remove loose unwanted hair.

  • Straight blade for trimming & cutting
  • Thining blade to reduce volume
  • Non-slip, finger grips

This card is recycable. Please dispose of it in your recycling bin. This strap is non-recycable. Please dispose of it in your landfill bin.