PURINA TIDY CATS Litter Deodoriser 560g

A simple solution for continuous freshness.
Item No. 12345863
Looking to minimise litter tray odours? Just add PURINA® TIDY CATS® Litter Tray Deodoriser to any litter formula. With its powerful odour control, it makes it ideal for multi cat houses. Now that's a breath of fresh air.

  • Powerful odour control
  • Fresh, floral fragrance
  • Use with any litter formula

DIRECTIONS: Add 1/4 cup of TIDY CATS Litter Tray Deodoriser per 4.5kg of litter. Sprinkle in 2 tablespoons or more during routine maintenance before needing to be changed.

Calcium Carbonate (a natural base), Maize Starch, Fragrance, Hydrated Silica

This bottle is recycable. Please dispose of it in your recycling bin. This cap is recycable. Please crush the bottle & replace the cap.