FELIX Adult Sensations Jellies Favourites Menu Wet Cat Food 12 x 85g

FELIX SENSATIONS® Jellies Favourites Selection are delicious meals specially prepared with tender meaty pieces in a delicious and flavourful jelly which looks, smells and tastes so good your little rascal will find them irresistible every mealtime!
Item No. 12296637

Get ready to delight your mischievous little rascal cats with the ultimate feast of their favourite flavours, brought together in the sensational FELIX Sensations Jellies Favourites Menu Wet Cat Food!  

At FELIX, we understand that cats have discerning tastes and crave variety in their meals. That's why our Sensations Jellies Favourites Menu is the purrfect choice for your little rascals. This bundle features a selection of their all-time favourite flavours, carefully crafted and brought together in a symphony of tastes that will have your cat's taste buds dancing with delight. From tender chicken, to juicy beef and mouthwatering oceanfish, mealtime becomes a playful adventure as your cat explores the array of flavours, savouring each mouthful and discovering a world of deliciousness in every bite. 

Imagine your clever little rascal cat diving into a bowl filled with a medley of their most beloved flavours, each one perfectly encased in a luscious jelly. It's a feast that will make their whiskers twitch with anticipation and their tails wag with excitement. 

Not only do these recipes provide a playful and delicious experience, but they also offer complete and balanced nutrition for your cat. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins, our Sensations Jellies Favourites Menu supports their overall health and well-being. You can feel confident knowing that you're providing your cat with a meal that is both enjoyable and nutritious, tailored to their favourite flavours. 

So, why settle for ordinary when your cat can have a meal that is as fun and playful as they are, bringing together all their favourite flavours in one delightful bundle? Treat your fabulous feline to the sensational feast of FELIX Sensations Jellies Favourites Menu Wet Cat Food.  

  • Each recipe contains tender meaty and flavorful jelly pieces
  • Three delicious flavours to satisfy your cat’s love of variety
  • Made with Vitamins D & E
  • Made with balanced minerals
  • Source of Omega 6
  • 100% Complete and Balanced

With Beef in Tomato Flavoured Jelly Meat & Meat Derivatives (Poultry and/or Lamb and/or Fish, Beef); Cereal & Vegetables including Tomato; Amino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins and Flavours; Thickeners; Colours

With Chicken and Spinach in Jelly Meat & Meat Derivatives (Chicken, Beef and/or Lamb) and/or Fish; Cereal & Vegetables including Spinach; Amino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins and Flavours; Thickeners

With Oceanfish in Prawn Flavoured Jelly Meat & Meat Derivatives (Poultry, Beef and/or Lamb) and Ocean Fish; Cereal Protein; Amino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins and Flavours (including Prawn); Thickeners

Crude Protein (Min) 12.0%
Crude Fat (Min) 2.8%
Crude Fibre (Max) 0.5%
Ash (Max) 3.0%


1 pouch per day per kg of body weight. Serve at room temperature. Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available.

This pouch is not recyclable. Please dispose of it in the bin.