Total Care Slicker & Detangling Rake



Purina® Total Care® Slicker & Detangling Rake loosens tangles, matted fur and is ideal for bathing preparation. The slicker side has uniquely shaped pins that enhances your grooming technique and reduces any excessive brushing force. In addition, the rake side has rotating pins that effortlessly loosens knots and removes the dead undercoat.  

The design ensures only a soft stroking action is required to loosen tangles, matted fur & remove dead hair from the undercoat, leaving the top coat healthy & shiny.


  • Directions for use
    1. Always start with the back legs and the bottom of your pet's back and systematically work forwards in the direction of the coat. 
    2. Repeat the process until the brush glides easily through the coat. 
    3. Use the rake side with rotating pins if the slicker side is pulling or casuing irritation. 

    Regular grooming helps prevent matting and minimises moulting.