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Purina Videos

The Purina product range includes many of the best known and best-loved pet care brands found in Australia. Featuring a range of pet food recipes, treats and accessories to suit every life-stage from kittens and puppies through to senior cats and dogs and everything in between, our pet products are designed with your pet's health and happiness in mind.


  • Checking your dog's health

    In this video we take you through a step-by-step walkthrough of checking your dog's health at home using the CANINE HEALTH test. Each letter corresponds to an activity that you can use to look for dog health problems that your pet may be experiencing.

  • Dog obedience training

    Teach your dog obedience training using a treat as a reward coupled with positive reassurance. In this video we look at teaching these basic dog commands:

    1. How to sit

    2. To lie down

    3. To leave something alone

    Gradually remove the treat and hand signals and be sure to employ a release phrase such as "all done" to indicate the training session is over.

  • Dog vaccinations

    Did you know newborn puppies receive disease-fighting antibodies in their mother's milk?

    Vaccinations continue to be an essential part of a dog’s healthcare regime for life. This video teaches why vaccinations are critical, and when to do them.

  • Human food watch outs

    When you sit down to enjoy some of your favourite foods it is hard not to share them with your favourite four-legged friend. A lot of foods that are fine for humans can actually be extremely dangerous for dogs and cats.

    Chocolate, cow's milk, garlic, onion, grapes and nutmeg - they're just a few of the most common foods to keep an eye out for before you share some food with your pet.

  • Managing fleas

    Having trouble managing fleas? Watch our guide on treating your pet and their environment

  • Owning a dog

    From selecting a breed to bringing your puppy or dog home, there are many things to consider when choosing a pet. We chat to Dr Joanne Righetti to get all the tips and advice on finding the perfect dog for you

  • Coping with thunderstorms and fireworks

    Thunderstorms and fireworks are common triggers of anxiety in dogs. The most common signs of anxiety that dogs will display are:

    1. Hiding in sheltered dark spots, like under the bed

    2. Trying to escape from the yard

    3. Seeking reassurance from the owner

    This video shows the two stage process you can introduce to help ease dog anxiety. In the short term leaving lights on and a radio on in the background and providing an enclosed hiding spot. In the long term using de-sensitizing CDs such as 'Sounds Scary', which is available from vets.

  • Training a puppy

    In this video we'll be taking you through the basics for how to train a puppy and teach them the following important social skills:

    1. Their name

    2. Walking on a lead

    3. Bite inhibition

    It's important in puppy training to introduce puppies to as many new experiences as possible and begin as soon as you can. Be consistent, repetitive and use release words.

  • Checking for paralysis ticks

    Teaching your dog new tricks can be both challenging and exciting. In this video we look at how to teach the following dog tricks:

    1. How to shake when offering your hand

    2. How to beg when signalled

    3. How to rollover on command - a two part trick that requires your dog to be able to sit or lie-down already.