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Puppy Training

It's important to begin puppy training as early as possible (either at home or at puppy school) to avoid your dog developing bad habits that can be hard to lose later on.

Puppy training can be a great time to bond with your new mate. There can be a real sense of achievement when you accomplish a trick together. Remember to have patience, and rejoice in your puppy's achievements with treats and pats. 

Toilet training is where you probably want to start, but there are many other aspects that make for a well-trained pet. 

Good puppy manners are something that's important to be taught early, and is a big part of training. This involves things like teaching your dog how to react in certain situations and the ability to socialise with other animals and people. 

All of these skills help to make your puppy to have "good puppy manners". The best part is you don't have to be a qualified dog trainer to be able to train your puppy. In fact, all you need to do is read our in-depth puppy training section.