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Feeding Puppies

When it comes to feeding puppies, it's not just a matter of feeding leftovers or what your adult dog is eating. Puppies need specific foods that cater to their growing bodies. 

The first year of life is critical in your puppy's development. Your puppy has a lot of growing to do and needs a well balanced diet. At certain times during their growth and development, a puppy requires up to twice the amount of some nutrients, and up to three times the calories per kilogram of bodyweight, of that of an adult dog.

As you feed your puppy, you need to supply all the body building nutrients it requires to grow and develop: protein for strong muscles, water for hydration, calcium for strong bones and teeth, iron for healthy blood and enough calories for all the energy a puppy burns. This is easily accomplished when you feed a commercially prepared puppy formula that is complete and balanced. Read on to discover everything from choosing the right puppy food to transitioning them to adult formulas.