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Other Names: gaze hound, gazelle hound, slugi, shami, tazi
Country of Origin: Arabia
Dog Group: Hound

Originback to top back to top

Probably the most ancient of sight hounds, one of the earliest recordings of the saluki was a stamp seal found at Tepe Gawra dated 2000 - 3000 BC. The true origins of this wonderful breed are lost in the mists of time, it is thought that they are decended from the ara desert wolf, a sleek wolf renound for it's endurance and speed. They have been depicted through out many countries including Syria, kurdistan,persia, northern africa and egypt. Held in high esteem by all those who where owned by them, the Bedouin Arabs called them a gift from Allah, they were never sold, being given as gifts to mark friendship or respect. Then they were accomplished hunters, able to bring down anything from hare to gazelle (hence gazelle hound). Although introduced to Britain in the late 1800's, the breed did not get recognised until 1923.

Descriptionback to top back to top

Elegance personified! Grace and symmetry. With a dignified head and bright far seeing eyes, and feathering on the ears and tail, all goes to make this dog look like nobility. They move effortlessly and almost seem to float across the ground.

Size Large
Colour All colours and combination of colours apart from brindle.
Coat Length Short Smooth
Age Expectancy Salukis can live until they are 14 years old.
Weight/Height Range Dogs should measure around 58 -71cm, bitches being proportionately smaller.

Salukis are relatively free from most hereditary problems partially due to centuries of the selective breeding in their native country. Psychosomatic illnesses can develop which normally affect the skin and/or digestive system therefore companionship is a 'must' for this breed. Calluses can also be a problem so ensure soft bedding is always available. Sensitivity to anaesthetics has also been heard of.

Breed Classification Originally they were accomplished hunters, able to bring down anything from hare to gazelle (hence gazzelle hound), now they are used to show and many are still used to course because of their great speed and endurance. Some have even excelled in obedience and agility, not an easy task for a dog bred for it's independant spirit!

Feeding & Ownershipback to top back to top

Salukis can be choosey eaters but do not gorge them selves and eat only what they require. only the best is good enough, be warned! They prefer to eat their food off the ground.

Food Cost $15 to $20
Other Expenses A well fenced garden! They are escape artistes, if there is a will, there's a way, including over! At least a five to six foot secure fence is required.

Personalityback to top back to top

Tends to be aloof with strangers and often chooses one 'owner' in a household, therefore not a good breed for those with low self-esteem. Independant and intelligent, with speed and stamina. They are the perfect house guests, quiet, reserved and, having only one coat to help cope with the desert heat, they lack the oily undercoat which creates the usual 'doggy odour'. They shed very little and make a beautiful addition to a family. Like having a little bit of royalty in your home!

Intelligence Whilst highly intelligent, unfortunatly they are also highly independant, so this intelligence can often work against you. Remember they were bred to be independant hunters. They are also sight hounds therefore if they see a rabbit they will do their level best to get it, often succeeding, and there is nothing you can do about it! They also seem to take great pleasure in winding you up, they know very well that if they don't want to be caught, you can't catch them!
Energy High
Suitability for Children High
Tendency to Bark Low
Overall Exercise Requirement Salukis up to 10-12 months should have their exercise restricted to ward against joint injuries. Over 12 months exercise should be increased to 5 - 8 Kmss a day, a mixture of road walking (for strong muscle development) and free runs. There is nothing quite like watching the grace of a saluki at full stretch but do remember they will go for the chase so be careful where you let them off their leads. After exercise they will find the most comfortable spot in the house (usually your sofa or bed), curl up and sleep.
Suitability as a Guard Dog Low
Ease of Transportation High
Level of Aggression Low
Other Animal Compatibility Medium

Groomingback to top back to top

This breed deserves to look their best, so a quick groom once a day with a soft bristle brush and a comb through the feathering is usually sufficient.

Grooming Requirements Every Day
Amount of hair shed Little
Avg. 3.8 / Ratings: 13

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