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Dog Breed Selector: What are the Best Dog Breeds for Me?

Finding the right breed of dog doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use our handy Dog Breed Selector and narrow down your search.

Sorry, we haven't been able to find a breed to match your search.
Please try expanding your search criteria.

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Refine your search

For help choosing the dog breeds best suited to you, simply answer the questions below.

You can choose to answer as many, or as few, of the questions as you wish, in any order. We suggest you complete the questions that are most important to you first, and then refine your choice by adding further answers. Each time you add or change an answer, the recommendations will update automatically. You can also change your answers at any time.

To learn why each question may be important in determining your breed choice, click on the Question mark. To discover more about any particular breed of dog, simply click on the breed name.

1. How much daily exercise can you give your dog? [?]

Up to 40 minutes Up to 1 hour Up to 2 hours More than 2 hours

2. How much grooming would you prefer your dog to need? [?]

Up to once a week Once a week More than once a week Every Day

3. How much do you plan on spending on dog food each week? [?]

Up to $5 Up to $10 Up to $15 Up to $20 More than $20

1. Do you or any member of your immediate family suffer from allergies? [?]

Yes No

1. Do you have an area outside or backyard your dog can exercise in? [?]

No Yes

2. How much time will your dog be alone each day? [?]

High Medium Low

3. Will your dog be living with other pets, including other dogs, cats, rabbits, birds etc? [?]

None at all A few Lots of pets

1. Are you looking for a dog to protect your property? [?]

Not Important Warning Bark Only Protect Property

2. What size of dog do you prefer? [?]

Toy Small Medium Large Giant

3. What sort of coat would you prefer your dog to have? [?]

Short Smooth Short Medium Medium Long Corded Wooly

4. How active would you like your dog to be? [?]

Low Medium High

5. How vocal would you prefer your dog to be? [?]

Quiet Not too noisy Noisy

6. How much shedding would you be able to tolerate? [?]

None Little Moderate Heavy

Am I Ready?

Am I Ready?

Choosing a dog

Choosing a dog

What about adoption?

What about adoption?
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