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Kittens in the grass
"One of the best ways to familiarise yourself with the types of breeds is to attend a cat show."

Cat Shows

Wanting to add a new edition of the four legged kind to your family but not sure where to start? View our breed library or take out pet owner quiz to see which breed may suit you and your family’s needs.

One of the best ways to familiarise yourself with the types of breeds is to attend a cat show.

What you probably don’t know is that there is a cat show in every state and on most weekends.

Cat shows are a great way to look talk to the actual breeders and ask question regarding the history of the cat, temperaments and suitability of your particular needs and not to mention see a multitude of cats that perhaps you may not have ever known about.

The best place to start is to view the following Cat clubs:

Each site will list each unique cat club across Australia.

Australian National Cats Inc (ANCATS)

Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCCofA)

Cat Controlling Council of Australia (National) (CCCA)

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Victoria & Australia

Cat Control Council of Australia

Australian Cat Federation Inc (ACF)

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