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Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

Country of Origin: America

Originback to top back to top

The Exotic Shorthair is in every way a shorthaired Persian, so much so that it is included in the longhair section of cat shows. It is the result of careful selective breeding in America using the best American shorthairs and the best Persian longhairs. The aim was to produce a cat that looked like the Persian in every way except for the coat. The coat, which is of medium length, is much easier to care for but still has the huge range of colours and patterns. The Exotic Shorthair was first seen in the 1960’s and is becoming a very popular cat.

Descriptionback to top back to top

The Exotic Shorthair is a medium sized cobby cat. The head is round and massive with a broad skull. The ears are small and round tipped and are set low and well apart. The cheeks are full. The nose is broad and short with a definite break. The nose leather must be fully formed and the upper edge must not be above the lower level of the eye. The chin is strong and the jaws are powerful. The eyes are large and round, set well apart and are brilliant in colour. The body is compact with a deep broad chest, massive shoulders and rump. The legs are short thick and strong. The round paws are large and firm. The tail is short.

Colour The Exotic Shorthair's face is flat like the Persian and the breed comes in all 96 colours of the Persian, these include black, white, cream, blue, himalayan and tortoiseshell with the appropriately matched eye colour.
Coat Length Short
Age Expectancy The Exotic Shorthair has a life expectancy in their early teens.
Weight/Height Range 4-7kgs

The Exotic Shorthair is, like must hybrid breeds, a robust healthy cat and has no specific health problems. However, it is advisable to have an annual health check from about the age of eight or nine to check teeth and liver and kidney function.

Personalityback to top back to top

The Exotic Shorthair has the same gentle affectionate nature as it’s longhaired cousins. They are generally good with children and are not as boisterous as many shorthair breeds. They are quite happy to be left at home on their own and therefore make ideal house cats.

Energy Medium
Noise Low
Child Suitability High
Compatibility with Cats Medium
Other Animal Compatibility Medium

Feeding & Grooming

Feeding The Exotic Shorthair is not particularly active and requires approximately 70 Kcals of food per kg of bodyweight per day to maintain condition. They can be prone to obesity so close attention needs to be paid to their diet.
Upkeep Although easy to keep in condition compared with it’s longhaired cousins, the Exotic Shorthair’s coat still needs some attention. Regular grooming will keep dead hair from clogging up the coat and from being deposited on the furniture.
Shedding Little
Avg. 4.2 / Ratings: 43

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