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Cat Breed Selector: Which Cat Breed is Best for Me?

Finding the right breed of cat doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use our handy Cat Breed Selector and narrow down your search.

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For help choosing the cat breeds best suited to you, simply answer the questions below.

You can choose to answer as many, or as few, of these questions as you wish, in any order. We suggest you complete the questions that are most important to you first, and then refine your choice by adding further answers. Each time you add or change an answer, the recommendations will update automatically. You can also change your answers at any time.

To learn why each question may be important in determining your breed choice, click on Question mark. To discover more about any particular breed of cat, simply click on the breed name.

1. What size cat would you prefer ? [?]

Large Medium Small

2. What type of coat do you want your cat to have? [?]

Short Haired Medium Haired Long Haired

3. How active would you like your cat to be? [?]

Very Active Active Inactive

4. How vocal would you prefer your cat to be? [?]

Chatter Box Polite Conversationalist Seen and Not Heard

5. How much shedding are you happy to tolerate? [?]

Minimal Shedding Moderate Shedding Dont mind

1. Where will your cat spend most of it's time? [?]

Indoors Only

2. Will your cat be living with another cat? [?]

Yes No

3. Will your cat be living with other animals? [?]

Yes No

1. How much time will the cat normally spend around children? [?]

All the Time Quite Often Hardly Ever

Am I Ready?

Am I Ready?

Rehoming a cat

Rehoming a cat

What about adoption?

What about adoption?