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Learn About Your New Kitten

A new kitten can be a magical time for the whole family, but a pet is a big commitment that requires a lot of time, effort and love. The good news is you'll be repaid tenfold with a lifelong loving companion.

With this in mind, there's a lot to think about when you welcome a new kitten into your home. For starters, there's making sure you choose the best type of breed for your family. Then there's safety - checking that your house is safe for your kitten is an important first step.

Stepping into a new family can be a stressful situation for your kitten as well. New faces, new animals, and sometimes a new climate can take its toll. That's why it's important you consider the gradual introduction of your kitten to each of the elements of its new home.

But that's just the start. Read on, and discover a lot more about planning for the arrival of your new family member: everything from care to feeding, training and health.