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Kitten's First Visit To The Vet
"Take kittens to see the vet as soon as you bring them home."

First visit to the vet

All kittens will make regular trips to the vet throughout their life. Learn to trust and rely on your vet for any health related pet issue.

Taking kittens to the vet

Regardless of where you get your kitten from, one of the first things you need to do when bringing her home is taking her for a check up with your vet.

Give your vet as much information about your kitten as possible including birth date and any vaccinations she may have had.

During the first visit, the vet will check your kitten over carefully and report on her general health. Take a stool sample with you so your pet can also be tested for internal parasites.

Newborn kittens receive antibodies when they nurse from their mothers. Initial vaccination series begin sometime after the kitten reaches six weeks of age and additional vaccinations will be needed later. You vet is the best judge of when the kitten should receive her various shots and will set up an immunisation schedule.

Remember, the vet is one of the most important people in your kitten’s life and selecting the right one is important.


About the Purina PetCare Advice Centre

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