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Feeding Kittens

It is important to develop a feed routine for your kitten, as their body is growing and developing so quickly. When feeding your kitten, you need to supply all the body building nutrients it requires to grow and develop. Just as babies need food that's designed to give them a healthy start in life, kittens need the right balance of vitamins and nutrients for them to thrive.

Our segment on feeding kittens explains what your kitten should and should not be eating, how much each day and how to present it. Some kittens are fussy eaters – not because they don't like their food, but for any number of reasons. So it's important to be able to know what to do if this problem arises.

Other topics like transitioning from kitten food to adult food may not seem like a big issue, but ensuring that you gradually transition your cat onto the correct adult formulation will make it easier for your kitten's stomach and taste buds to adjust to this change. 

All these questions and more are answered in our comprehensive guide to feeding your kitten.