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A woman ready to move house with her kitten
"Keep kittens in a secure place while you are moving."

Moving house with a cat

With all the franticness of moving house, looking after your pet can often be left until the last minute. Knowing the best way to move with kittens or cats will make your life much easier.

Moving tips

Generally pets adapt to most new environments when we move. However, there are a few things you can do to make the move go even more smoothly for your kitten.

Keep the kitten in a secure place while you are carrying things in and out of your home. You would not want them to escape, get lost or trapped inside a box.

Secondly, use a cat carrier when you transport your kittens to your new home. Not only will they be safer, but they won’t escape. Finally, in your new home create a safe, secure place for them to sleep and make sure it includes food, water and litter tray.

Allow your kittens to explore for short periods of time.

Most kittens will adjust and be back to their usual habits and care routines within a few days.

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