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Putting your dog to sleep
"Base your decision on what’s right for your dog, not you."

Putting Your Dog To Sleep

It’s a painful decision that most dog owners eventually have to face, but putting your dog to sleep can sometimes be the best thing for all concerned.

Fond memories

It’s a heart breaking thought that nobody wants to dwell on, but putting a dog to sleep is something we may all have to consider when faced with the deterioration of quality of life, or severe or dangerous behaviour.

The decision to put a dog to sleep is always difficult and intensely personal. Unless there is a serious urgency, such as an untreatable injury or illness, you will probably have time to examine your options and talk to family and friends.

Help deciding

Putting your much-loved dog to sleep is a hard choice, but try to base your decision on what's right for your pet.

Should the worst be necessary, the procedure is quick and, more importantly, absolutely painless. Your vet will administer a measured overdose of anaesthetic, and your dog will quickly slip into a deep and permanent sleep with no discomfort or distress.


It’s perfectly normal to grieve, and you may even need to take a few days off work. Grieving is a normal, healthy reaction to the loss of a family member – which our dogs really are. And don't forget that putting a pet to sleep is the final kindness you can offer, allowing your dog to pass away gently and with dignity.


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