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Dogs sniffing
"Reward good behaviour with a tasty treat"

Eating faeces

It’s amazing – and nauseating – what some dogs will eat. SO give the following a go…

Possible solutions

  • The pineapple method – Put small chunks of fresh pineapple into the dog's food (do not use large pieces as this may induce vomiting). This gives the faeces a bitter taste.
  • The courgette method – Cook some courgettes until soft in a small amount of olive oil. A batch can be made and stored in the fridge. Give a small dog one to two teaspoons and a large dog up to one tablespoon with each meal.
  • Bait faecal matter with a foul-tasting substance. But beware – the dog may develop a liking for this!

Also consider ...

  • The best way to correct this problem is to restrict access to faecal material, supervise all outdoor access and clean up immediately afterwards.
  • Reward good behaviour with a tasty treat.
  • In extreme cases, a basket-type muzzle can be used.
  • Provide a wide variety of chew toys and increase quality time with your pet.
  • Some dogs use this as attention-seeking behaviour, so ignore unless caught in the act.


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