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"If a pet is clean and their coat is regularly groomed they are less likely to trigger allergies. "

How to cope with allergies and shedding in the office

Many Australians are allergic to pets. People often assume they’re allergic to the hair, when in fact they’re more likely allergic to a protein in cats’ saliva or the dander a dog produces. Cats are habitual groomers, which causes their saliva to get on their skin and coat while high-shedding dogs can also cause issues.


Will bringing pets to work bother people with pet allergies?
It’s unlikely this will be an issue as long as employees take responsibility for grooming their pets. If a pet is clean and their coat is regularly groomed they are less likely to trigger allergies. If there are still concerns about allergies, try having pet-free zones and keep your pet close to your working area. If any pet causes severe allergies, then it’s recommend they don’t visit the office.

How can shedding be kept under control?
The best way to reduce shedding is to frequently brush your pet before they visit the office. We’d also recommend speaking to the building facilities and asking for the offices to be vacuumed daily.

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