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"All disputes can be resolved with a game of fetch!"

Why dogs make the best colleagues

At Purina we’re lucky enough to have a #petsatwork policy requiring our four-legged friends to regularly drop by the office! In honour of International ‘Take your dog to work day’ we’ve compiled a list of why dogs make the best colleagues:

1. They’re the ultimate people pleaser
2. They always say yes to snacks
3. Mealtimes always stick to schedule
4. They always welcome you like you’ve just returned from holidays
5. No one minds when they bark orders
6. They always get in on the action
7. All disputes can be resolved with a game of fetch
8. They have no qualms being at your beck and call
9. They’ll never turn up in the same outfit as you
10. They always like to leave their mark
11. They won’t let pet peeves get in the way of business
12. They monitor office comings and goings free of charge
13. Smoko breaks are a thing of the past
14. They’ve totally got the competition sniffed out
15. The only favour they’ll ever request is a good old belly rub
16. Got a problem? They’re all ears
17. They will never drop the ball
18. Even the RUFFest job is doable
19. They love to hug it out
20. Their rates are VERY affordable

Join the #petsatwork conversation on Facebook and tell us why your pet would make a good colleague.

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