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Spoiling your dog
"Spending a few hours at a doggie daycare is a great way to indulge your dog"

10 fun ways to spoil your dog

Spoiling your dog doesn't have to mean overindulging on food or dog treads. Show your dog a little extra love and attention with one of these guilt-free activities:


1. Let’em roll

Dog’s love to roll around on their backs, and often one of their favourite places to do it is anywhere that's dirty. A roll in the dirt usually means an extra bath, but it's a simple way to make them happy.

2. Doggie daycare

Sometimes your dog just needs a day away from the monotony of sleeping at home all day. Spending a few hours socialising at a doggie daycare is a great way to indulge your dog, as well as making them a happier and healthier pet. As an added bonus, you get a little more free time. Your vet may know of a location near you.

3. Dig a hole

If I really want to give your dog a special treat, take them to a  dog-friendly beach and let them to dig in the sand to their heart's content.

4. Try a new toy

Why not indulge your dog in a new toy that not only will allow them to learn by strengthen the bond you have with your dog. Purina has a great range of toys in our Petlife (Pet Specialty Stores) and TotalCare (Woolworths, Coles and IGA stores) range.

5. Water bowl walk

It’s common now to see water bowl left out the front of street front stores for dog’s to drink at. If your dog loves a sip, allow them the time to drink and become hydrated and explore a new street. 

6. One-on-one time

One of the simplest gifts you can give your dog is spending quality one on one time with them. When you go for a walk, leave your phone at home, or turn off the TV as you snuggle on the couch. Let everything else go and just enjoy your dog’s company.

7. Go for a ride

What dog doesn't enjoy a breezy car ride? Take a short drive around the neighbourhood — or better yet, a dog park. Open all the windows and let your dog sniff the wind as it fills the car. Find out more about car safety here.

8. Extra play

Play time with your pup can get pushed aside when life gets hectic. Pencil some time into your schedule for training or teaching them a trick down at your local dog park.

9. Special treat

Spoiling your dog with an additional treat doesn't have to mean overindulging. Try a guilt-free treat with a food-filled occupying toy, like the PETLIFE Playsystems. Your pup will enjoy the reward and get some mental exercise at the same time.

10. Get scratching

Every dog has that spot that is always in need of a good scratch. If you really want to indulge them, give them some extra-long scratch time or a groom with a brush.

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