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Helping your dog cope with extreme weather
"Antifreeze is highly toxic, so store it out of reach"

Care in Cold Weather

It is important to look out for your furry friends during different weather conditions, just as we care for ourselves differently during these times. The cold weather can be unpredictable so follow these tips to ensure your dog stays happy, healthy & safe.

Cold-weather care

  • Well-nourished dogs are better prepared to withstand the rigours of winter, particularly if they are kept outdoors. Outdoor dogs normally need more food to generate enough energy to cope with the cold. Provide your pet with fresh water several times during the day. Electrically heated water bowls are available, but should still be monitored regularly.  

  • An outdoor dog's shelter should be insulated, elevated, protected from prevailing winds and watertight. The shelter should be small enough to preserve the dog's body heat.  

  • Dogs living primarily indoors may require less food to maintain a good body condition than dogs that spend a lot of time outside. Short-haired dogs, senior dogs and dogs with health problems may need the protective warmth of a dog jacket when they go outside.   

  • Once you’ve been out in the cold with your dog, take care to remove any packed snow or ice from between the toes of the paw pads and wipe the paws thoroughly, otherwise moisture can be trapped and cause sores.  

  • Because of its sweet taste, dogs are attracted to antifreeze and lap it up when it’s not properly disposed of. Antifreeze is highly toxic, so store it out of reach. If by any chance your pet does come into contact with the liquid, go straight to your vet. If you suspect that your dog has frostbite, do not rub any frozen tissue as that will cause additional tissue damage. Again, just go straight to your vet.

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Last updated: 01 June 2016 at 02:40 PM

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