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Dog photography

10 ways to take a better photo of your dog

Most of us know that for every great pet photo, there are usually 10 blurry ones that didn’t make the cut. Pet photography can be a challenge but don’t give up – Purina has a few tricks that can make all the difference! Here are some of our top tips to help you capture the perfect shot:

1. Use natural light - Look for an area with lots of natural light when taking pet photos – early morning or late afternoon is best. Avoid the brightest part of the day and using a flash as it can cause red-eye and trigger sudden movements in your pet.

2. Get down on their level – It will help to keep your pet at ease and has the added bonus of capturing them on a level that they see the world from.  Don’t continue if your pet is showing signs it is uncomfortable with this though.

3. Surprise them – We all know how hard it is to keep a dog still. If you have someone in another location, whistle or call out or use a squeak a toy - you should have a few seconds to capture them in an upright, alert position.

4. Choose your time wisely. Your pet will be less energetic when they’re sleepy or tired from a brisk walk. If you’re trying to capture them mid-play, start shooting toward the end of the session when their movements have slowed down.

5. Use a prop – You can trick your pet into focusing on the camera by holding a treat or their favourite toy just above the lens of your camera.

6. Don’t forget to groom – Before you start shooting, give your pet a quick brush and gentle clean the corner of their eyes to ensure they are looking their best.

7. Pay attention to background – Choosing a simple background in a colour palette opposite to your pet’s fur will help ensure that they stand out in the photo.

8. Reward, reward, reward – Hold a treat close to your face to get their attention and then reward them with the treat even if you’re still to get the perfect shot.

9. Go at their pace – Don’t ever force them into a situation or pose that they are not comfortable with.

10. Let them see your face – Often dogs will look away from the camera/ phone or will shy away, this can be because they are uncertain of the weird box shaped thing in their face, try to hold the camera/ phone slight away from your face so your dog can see you and everything is ok.  Some dogs take a little bit to get used to this so go slowly and build up a positive association between the camera using encouraging praise and treats, including letting them check it out by smelling it.

Good luck!

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