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treating your dog
"When entertaining, there’s no reason why your dog has to miss out"

Keep Your Dog Entertained

Christmas is often a busy time of year for people, it can sometimes also be a time of year that our dogs can feel stressed with all the excitement happening in the house. The home can be unusually busy with unfamiliar faces, different smells and sounds as well as people rushing around in a flurry of festiveness. Some dogs can seem to love all the action but some, especially older dogs, can be a bit overwhelmed by it all.

Festive Fun

A good plan to help your dog cope with the season can be to set up a quiet place where your dog can relax away from the happenings of the household. This quiet time can also be the perfect opportunity to reward your dog with a treat designed to keep them occupied.  By providing treats designed for dogs instead of leftover human food you will also help prevent potential illness caused by fatty or toxic foods and help keep your dog’s waistline in check.

Party Time

When entertaining, there’s no reason why your dog has to miss out because not every party guest may love having your pooch around as much as you do. When entertaining your friends you can provide your dog with entertainment of their own to keep them occupied and their mind off the party.

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