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Dogs fear of cars
"Make a very short journey to somewhere nice, like the park"

Scared of cars

Some dogs are scared of cars. If yours is one of them, try the following…

  • The fear may be related to confinement, movement or the destination. Gradually expose your dog to the car in an unthreatening way and take him to places that are fun for both of you.
  • Spend time with your dog in a parked car with doors open and ignition off. You can feed meals in the car, give tasty titbits and reassure. If your dog is too scared to eat in the car, feed it a distance away and gradually get closer.
  • When your dog is comfortable eating in the car, you can try it with the ignition on.
  • Close the doors, but keep windows open.
  • Make a very short journey to somewhere nice, like the park.
  • Gradually increase the length of the journey.

Your dog should be kept on a lead while doing this, but do not use the lead to restrain a scared dog. If your dog panics and pulls, you have moved too quickly and need to take a step back.


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